I Will Love You To The Grave

Casey Hurt

Tom: C
verse 1: 

I will love you to the death 
'Til my lungs breathe their last breath 
        Am                    F 
'Til my heart takes its final rest 
       C        G      C 
I will love you to the death 

verse 2: 

I will love you to the grave 
'Til my life just can't be saved 
       Am                 F 
When I reach those pearly gates 
               C          G      C 
They'll say he loved them to the grave 

(spoken) Let's rock 


            Am           G 
If I should die before I wake 
           C                  Am 
I pray the lord my soul would take 
               F                 G          C 
But leave some love for memory's sake for my friends 

verse 3: 

So when you're old and you're tired 
And your heart's ready to expire 
           Am                  F 
I hope you say with your final fire 
       C         G      C 
That I loved you to the grave 

End on: C F C 

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