So Long My Lover

Carl Barat

Tom: G
G D C 
G D 

Verse 1. 
      C                           E 
We met when hope was oh so young  
  Am                        Am7 
I took you from that drunken bum 
       C                          E 
And held you like some father 
       Am                                 Am7 
And we both mourned for each other  
     C                               C#7 
Oh yes we were so full or hope than that you see 
         D                         B7 
You'd be a dancer, and a singer me 
       C                                Gm7                      Em 
You danced your dance and my sweet song was sung 

Vers 2. same chords. 

G D C So long; my lover, It's over G D C So long; my lover, It's over G D Em So long; my lover, It's over
Vers 3. similar to 1. and 2. Bridge: Am Em Fragile wings in a silver castle Am Em And love that's wrought too hard and fast Dm G I guess that's how it came to be Dm E My dancing girl skipped away from me Same Chords: I was blind i could not see The mirror cracked in front of me Am Em Darling girl please understand C F (12th fret Bar Chord) There's no blood on your pretty hands A E D So long; my lover, It's over (repeat 4 times)

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