Under Your Spell Again

Buck Owens

Tom: F
You got me (C)under, your spell again (F)Saying those things again (C)Making me believe that your just (G7)mine You got me (C)dreaming those dreams again (F)Thinking those things again I (C)gotta take you (G7)back just one more (C)time
VERSE 1: I (C)swore the last time that you (G7)let me down That I wouldn't see you if you came (C)around But I can't tell my heart whats (F)right or wrong And (G7)I've been so lonely since you've been (C)gone REPEAT Chorus: VERSE 2: Well (C)every body tells me that (G7)I'm a fool That I never should have put my (C)faith in you And way down deep inside I guess I (F)know It's true But (G7)no one else can make me feel the way you (C)do REPEAT Chorus:

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