Excuse Me

Buck Owens

Tom: G#
Capotraste na 1ª casa
(st. Fret) 
(Intro G-D7-G) 

G                                       C 
They just don't know how lost I feel without you, 
     D7                              G 
My teardrops never see the light of day. 
I laugh and joke each time they talk about you, 
        D7                                 G 
But if they heard my heart they'd hear it say. 

G                              C     
Excuse me, I think I've got a heartache. 
        D7                                            G   
There's an aching deep inside, and it just won't be denied. 
Excuse me, I think I've got a heartache, 
        D7                         G 
And I better say goodbye before I cry. 

(Solo G-C-D7-G-C-D7-G) 

G                                         C 
I guess it's pride that makes me hide my sorrow. 
   D7                         G 
I live a lie in all I do and say, 
My lips may lie and paint a bright tomorrow, 
     D7                             G  
But if I told the truth I'd have to say. 

(Repeat Chorus)

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