Father Your Word Is My Anchor

Bruce Ellis

Tom: D
Verse 1: 
D            G            A 
Father, Your word is my anchor 
D          G               A  Bm7 
Jesus Your blood is my life 
     F#m7         G                A 
Holy Spirit, Your presence, my shelter 
Em7      G            A 
  I will stand in You light 
Verse 2: 
D              G            A 
Father, I will gaze at Your beauty 
D             G               A  Bm7 
Jesus, I will honor Your pain 
     F#m7         G               A 
Holy Spirit, I'll rest in Your comfort 
Em7    G            A 
I will walk in Your name 
Bm7 G D Just to speak Your name, Lord G A G F#m7 D7 Just to do Your will G A Bm7 A G F#m7 Em7 Just to be Your ar - my G A D Is to be fulfilled
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