Eighteen Wheels And A Crowbar


Tom: A
This song is all in A (1 chord) 

21 days on the road not a wink of sleep 
Gotta belly full of pills and a bottle of heat 
Sleep makes you old but on the road 
Truckin is a young man's dream 

Pin head pencil pushing loud mouth geek 
Cut me off a mile marker 33 
I made him pay for the move he made 
With his Pinto and a fiery grave 

Eighteen wheels and a crowbar will cut you down to size Eighteen wheels and a crowbar, can't run away this time Eighteen wheels and a crowbar, I'm gonna put the hammer down Eighteen wheels and a crowbar, fate was on my dashboard looking right at me now
Big rig rollin thru a foggy night the pile in my stomach don't taste quite right 3 minutes a Mercedes Benz Got wrapped around a telephone pole Don't know my 20 and my eyelids are shut I've fallen down and I cant get up Drivin blind but just in time To lay to rest your weary soul Chorus I've been hauled, mauled, run to the side I've got the pedal to the metal and I ain't satisfied I tarped my load but the open road Flipped a wrench with that dispatch scum as I raise the tarp to above my head come crashing through the desert in a flash of red I've painted my foot, theres knots in my gut Its time to pay the human toll Chorus

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