I Thought That's Who I Was

Bobby Pinson

Tom: E
Verse One: 
E                                   A 
Me and Billy Joe Taylor joined each other at the hip 
E                                    A 
I loved him like the brother I never had 
E                      A 
He was my go to guy on third and ten 
E                                  A     E        A 
He made me look good at the quarterback, mmmmm 
E                                 A 
Texas had a man in the stands the night we beat the Panthers 
          E                                   A 
Said they had a spot for both of us that next fall 
E                                A 
We were riding high on pride and big time futures 
E                               B 
Small town paper said we had it all 
Chorus One: 
E                                   B                                E 
Up until the night me and Billy Joe drank way too much for Blue Buck Road 
Born to Be Wild on the radio, God I still hate that song 
E                          B                                           E 
Both of died there in that crash, but I lived to wish I had that night back 
After that football didn't mean that much 
    E          B                       E          A  
But until then, I thought that's who I was 
Verse Two: 
E                                A 
Daddy had a hardware store where hard work was his living 
E                                    A 
Peddling the hammers that built this town 
E                                    A     
I broke his heart that summer when I told he what I wasn't getting 
E                            A        E           A 
How to sell the nails by the pound 
E                            A 
Spent my last paycheck on an RC and a Greyhound 
E                                   A 
A front seat to the world I'd never seen 
E                                        A 
Got a job, got a girl, had some cash and the world in my pocket 
E                                       B 
Thought I'd found my place in the great machine 
Chorus Two: 
E                            B                                            E 
Up until the night I got the call, Mama said Daddy didn't feel nothin' at all 
She broke down at the fellowship hall said baby we need you here with us 
E                                     B                                    E 
I told my boss he wished me the best, I told my girl she wished we'd never met 
But I don't regret what I gave up 
       E          B                       E 
'Cause until then, I thought that's who I was 
E        B         E       A   B 
I drove straight through some twist and turns 
Lived through some crash and burns 
A                                              B 
Stumbled through some lessons learned with the weight on my shoulders 
A                             E 
Went around the world to find the girl God had in mind 
A                                 B 
He gave me a better life than the one I scratched up 
    E          B                       E     A 
But until then, I thought that's who I was 
                 E        A 
That ain't who I was  

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