Ford Fairlane

Bobby Pinson

Tom: C
Intro: C-F-G-C-C-F-G-C 


C                       F 
Dust on the dash board, rust on the back door 
C                        G 
Daddy paid cash for that ol' four-door Ford Fairline 
C                         F 
Bottle on the floorboard, butts in the ashtray 
Where he sat and talked to mamma 
after she passed away 
F                           C             A 
Sittin' on some good years, parked in the driveway 
C       G      C  F G 
He just let it go 


C                  F 
Handcarved minnow, hangin' from a cane pole 
Layin' in the trunk ready to go, 
in case we passed a hole we had to fish 
Crack in the window, 
where Dad pitched me one soft and low 
Had to duck his head, and mamma said 
'I guess he's got the hang of it' 
Until now I did't know 
       C              A 
why he never got that window fixed 
C       G      C 
He just let it go 

G C The carburetor needs a kit F C The driver's side visor's ripped G C It's getting a little hard to shift F G And the knobs are missing off the radio G C It's lost its glossy candy apple shine F C The ink has faded on the for sale sign G F The only driver that car ever owned G C First million dollars takes it home (F-G-C-F-G)
Verse C The three on the tree was tough F My feet barely reached the clutch but C G Daddy'd let me fire it up and back it out and pull it in C F Dent in the fender, sin in the seat where C I found the pin that fell from her hair G The night me and Becky lost it F Sixteen when I stole those keys C A I guess he'd been where we'd been C G C 'Cause he just let it go - Chorus C F C Dust on the dashboard, rust on the back door I wouldn't take a million G C dollars for that ol' four-door Ford Fairlane

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