You Cant Win

Bob Woodruff

Tom: G
written by:  Bob Woodruff 
performed by:Bob Woodruff on 'Dreams and Saturday Nights' 
G C G C(Repeated) 
  G                    C 
1.It doesn't start it just begins 
   D                G 
  With a gun and a liquor store 
  Like every thief I know I can't win 
     D                G 
  I just don't know when or how 
  I pulled a job in Tennessee 
  A little bank with a big score 
  Shot a guy who didn't believe me 
  He never had a prayer 
  C         D              G 
C.If I get caught I don't mind 
  C            D                    G 
  I stole the money nearly lost my mind 
  C             D                 Em 
  I can't take back the things I did 
  C                 D                  G 
  You can play the game but you can't win 
2.Me and my wife Barbara Jean 
  Went on a spree in Nevada 
  Man she could drive she could go like the breeze 
  She got us out of there 
  Headed south to New Orleans  
  She couldn't live like an outlaw 
  Said goodbye on a tropical beach 
  The sun in her pretty hair 
Repeat Chorus 
3.Prisons are built with stones of law 
  Brothels with bricks of religin 
  I've been in both and I know that I saw 
  God answers a sinner's prayers 
  We played a game we couldn't win 
  To the end to the utmost 
  Took a chance threw caution to the wind 
  We simply didn't care 
repeat Chorus 

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