This Broken Heart

Bob Woodruff

Tom: A
written by:Bob Woodruff 
performed by:Bob Woodruff on 'Dreams and Saturday Nights' 
  A E D A 
   A                     E 
1.Picking up the pieces since you broke my mind 
  I wonder who's kissing you 
  'Cause I know it isn't me 
       A                          E 
  I'd tell you a secret, but you won't hope to die 
  I once told you anyway 
  You didn't notice the first time 
  A              E            D 
C.I tried everything, pretty dumb 
  A           E 
  It doesn't matter 
   A        E            D 
  Hold the tiger by the tail 
  A          E          A         D 
  I really loved you, you didn't care 
      A                E 
  I dragged out this broken heart 
                  D              A 
  'Cause I still miss someone today 
2.So many women, too many times 
  I'm goin' downtown anyway 
  Just in case you change your mind 
  Tell me a secret and a whole pack of lies 
  I won't believe anyway 
  You can tell me I can still try 
Repeat Chorus 

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