Poisoned At The Well

Bob Woodruff

Tom: E
written by:  Bob Woodruff 
performed by:Bob Woodruff on 'Dreams and Saturday Nights' 
1.When we got married 
  We were so much in love we were just kids 
  Nothing seemed to matter then 
  Just you and me and that old trailor we lived in 
2.You started to carry 
  You were only a child when you had your first kid 
  Though it made our love grow stronger 
  I couldn't help but feel the world was closing in 
               A              E               B 
C.I've seen a lot of people die and it looks easy 
               A          E                B 
  It's getting easier to hate you all the time 
     A                         E               A    B 
  Baby's crying to herself, but no one's listening  
                        A                E 
  I think our love was poisoned at the well 
3.I started drinking 
  There were no jobs and I couldn't win 
  So we took our dreams and shattered them 
  Now I'm left out in the wilderness again 
repeat Chorus 

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