Revolution (Live)

Bob Marley

Tom: Am
Intro: Am   Dm   F   Em  
Am         D7/9    F            Em 
Revelation reveals the truth... revolution, oh yeah! 
Am             D7/9     
  It takes a revolution  
F             Em  
  to make a solution 
Am             D7/9     
  Too much confusion 
F             Em 
  so much frustration, eh! 
F               Am  
  I don't wanna live in the park 
F                Am  
  Can't trust no shadows after dark 
F                 Am                      G 
 So, my friend, I wish that you could see,  
                         G                           Am  
Like a bird in the tree, the prisoners must be free, yeah  
Never make a politician  
F             Em  
  grant you a favour 
Am                    D7/9   
  Or They will always want to  
F                Em 
  control you forever, So  
Am                C    
If a fire make it burn 
F                      G  
  And if a blood make ya run 
Am              C  
  Rasta de 'pon top, can't you see? 
F                        G  
  So you can't predict the flop. Eh-eh! 
Am        D7/9    
Lightning thunder 
F         Em 
brimstone and fire 
Am         Em 
Lightning, Oh! Thunder 
F         Em 
brimstone and fire, fiyah, oh yeah!  
Am                  D7/9  
  Kill, cramp and paralyze  
F                   Em            
  all weak heart conception, Wipe dem out of 
Am        D7/9 
creation, oh Jah, Jah! 
F         Em 
Creation, yeah! 
    Am               D7/9 
Let i'es is i'es, in i'es is black 
   F               Em 
In i'es is red, in i'es is dread 
Am                            D7/9  
Let righteousness cover the earth  
         F               Em 
Like the water cover the sea, yeah! Yeah!  
Am         D7/9    F            Em 
Revelation reveals the truth... revolution 
Am D7/9 F Em Am 
Transcrição: Gabriel Pensa 

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