Guava Jelly

Bob Marley

Tom: C
Intro:Cmaj7   Dm7 G7  Cmaj7    Dm7 G7   
                     C                Dm7   G7  C            Dm7   G7   C                 
                         You said you love  me       I said Ilove  you       why won't you
                     Am                 F          F/G      G    F                 
                        Stop your crying   Dry your weeping  eyes    You know that I
                     C                                 C                       
                     Love  I love, I love, I love you so  da-da-dam da-da-damsel
                     F         C              F              C             G7    C    
                     Here I am   me said, Come|rub it 'pon me belly with youGuava Jelly
                     C                    F             C     F              C             
                     Da-da-da da-da-damsel Here I stand,   comerub it 'pon me belly with you
                     G7     C     C                    F           G7       
                     Guava  Jelly      I really, really   I really love  you
                     C                 F                  G7    
                          Yes, I really  really love you, child.

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