Hasn't Hit Me Yet

Blue Rodeo

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Blue Rodeo 
Hasn't Hit Me Yet 
Tabbed by stratmaniak 
All chords relative to capo position. 
D Dsus2 D Dsus4 D Dsus2 D Em C (x2) 
Verse 1: 
G                   D 
You say that you're leaving 
          Em            C 
Well that comes as no suprise 
G                       D 
Still I kinda like this feelin 
   Em           C Bm A 
Of being left behind 
G 	  	      D 
Yea this aint nothin new to me 
 	   Em 	  	  C 
Well it's just like goin home 
G 	  	       D 
It's kinda like those sunsets 
That leave you feelin 
   C Bm A 
So stoned 
Em  G              D             A 
Hey Hey I guess it hasn't hit me yet 
Em               G 
I fell thru this crack 
      D             A 
And I kinda lost my head 
Em      G 
I stand transfixed  
  D                A 
Before this street light 
Em           G                 D  A           (D intro x2) 
Watching the snow fall on this co-old December night 
Verse 2: 
G 	  	  	    D 
I never thought this could happen 
    Em 	  	  	    C 
But somehow the feeling is gone 
G 	  	     D 
You got sick of the patterns 
    Em 	  	        C Bm A 
And I got lost in this song 
Chorus, Solo (verse chord progression) 
Em             G              D     A 
And out in the middle of Lake Ontario... 
    Em           G 
The same snow is falling 
       Em          G 
On the deep silent water 
    Em         G 
The great dark wonder 
Em       D           A 
Into the waves of my heart 
Em       D           A 
Into the waves of my heart 
     (D intro x2, then C Bm A) 
of my heart 

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