Summer Song

Blue County

Tom: E
Capotraste na 2ª casa
At a red stoplight in some sleepy town 
An old truck pulled up with the windows down 
      A                      D                  G  D 
And a song from the past was playing full blast 
And all at once I was seventeen 
And my car became a time machine 
    A                    D 
And all those years just disappeared 
        Bm            G 
I could almost see my Janie beside me, 
D                       A 
Her bare feet up on the dash 
        Bm             G 
And the boy I was, was stirred up inside me 
Tuggin' my heart and takin' me back 

D A G A Hey yeah, yeah, that summer song D A G A We cranked it up and sang out strong Bm Bm/A G G/F# Every night we danced till dawn A And listened to it over and over D A G A Hey yeah, that summer song D A G A We learned about love as we went along Bm Bm/A G G/F# Those glory days may be long gone A But this feelin' still lives on D A G A D A G In that summer song, that summer song
On the night of the day I got my first car I grabbed my brand new keys and my old guitar I picked up my girl, man I owned the world And the minute that we parked on White Lake Road There it was again on my radio Just in time as her lips met mine Oh well I can't help wonderin' where Janie is now Is she stealin' hearts like she used to do? Maybe she's somewhere, listenin' somehow Tuned in at this moment and feelin' it too Chorus Yeah... Chorus

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