Nothin But Cowboy Boots

Blue County

Tom: F#
Intro:  F#  A B   (six times) 
It was Indiana, a summer day, I was 3 years old 
My momma said go out and play well I did what I was told 
    A             B            A                   B 
She never saw it comin when I turned the sprinkler on 
      A                   B                        A    B 
She looked up from the dishes, right there on the front lawn 

F# A B F# A B Nothin but cowboy boots, set your spirit free F# A B F# A B That wild wild west and birthday suit is the remedy, for modesty F#m B A B It ain't proper, it ain't couth, but folks remember what you do F# A-B F# (A) (B) (F#) In nothin oh nothin but cowboy boots
All it takes when you're 18 is your buddy's double dare It was eight o'clock on a Friday night in the middle of town square I couldn't hear the sirens cause so many people cheared By the time the sheriff showed up I was grinnin ear to ear CHORUS solo (F# B A) F#m Bm I came home late tonight, you just smiled at my surprise B A B F# A B (four times) F# I see you comin down the hall in nothin CHORUS

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