Bleu Edmondson

Tom: E
the trick with this one is for each chord shown, hit that chord with a quick  
downstroke, you'll have  
to listen to the cd for rhythm,  


(E)A.M. on Sunday,(A) 
(E)and I'm walkin real slow.(A) 

(E)Keepin time with the sunshine,(A) 

(E)I got no real place to go.(A) 

(E)And it's cold down here,(A) 

(E)But I can't complain.(A) 

(E)Standin in the breeze of a(A) 

(n.c.)Slow movin train,  

In the southland.(E A E A E A) 

When that man from Alabam' 
Told me where he'd been, 
He said he'd gone all around the world 
Til he made it back home again. 
He said I'll tell you somethin, son,  
As sure as here I stand,  
Said I don't know much, but I know this 
The lord smiles on dixie land. 

(E A B)Keep on (A)truckin kentucky mile(E) (E A B)Fall in (A)love with a delta smile(E) (E A B)Sweet georgia (A)peach is gonna gimme some(E) (E A B)Slam down that (A)hammer, boy, (B)and watch me (A)run, (n.c.)Through the southland.
Verse- Now don't fall in love Cause you know i got a ramblin way I blame it on the street survivors Them boys from fla So watch your feet pretty momma, See if they shuffle around Come get real close to me I'll tell ya what's goin down In the southland. Chorus Hey hey in the southland Solo Now just north of my hometown I got some friends you see Them boys from oklahoma Gettin high on southern reverie Keep the campfires burnin Don't worry if i'm not there I come creepin up quick, with a smile on my face Baby's got pine needles in her hair That's how we do it in the southland Now everybody get up, stand up Get up get up in the southland Everybody get up Proud people proud people in the southland Won't ya come on take a ride Momma's in the kitchen, Daddy's in the field, we aint got nothin to hide In the southland....

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