Faded Loves And Memories

Blaze Foley

Tom: A
       A     E         A           
Faded loves, and memories 
          D               A 
How they take the best of me 
           D                E 
This old chain around my shoulder's 
      A             D 
Only makin' me look older 
       E                         A 
Than I am I'll get over you someday 
       A    E         A  
Faded loves, and memories 
        D               A 
Where I go, they follow me 
And I just can't seem to lose em 
So I might as well just use em 
          E                              A 
One more time one more sad ol' country song 
Faded loves and memories 
Yesterday they let me be 
Someone smiled, so I walked over 
Flipped her hair and brushed her shoulder 
So I guess I'm gettin' stronger every day 
Faded loves and memories  

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