Sabbath Bloody Sabbath

Black Sabbath

Tom: A
Intro: (A B) G A B D B 
(A B) 
      You see right throught 
Distorted eyes 
You know you 
       G     A B     D B 
       have to learn 
(A B) 
      The execution of your mind 
                  G    A B        D B 
You really have to judje 
(A B) 
      The race is run 
      The book is read 
The end begins 
      A   B     D B 
     to show 
(A B) 
      The truth is out 
        the lies are old 
                         G   A   B 
But yu don´t want to know 
Em                  D 
   Nobody will ever let 
       you know 
   When you ask the 
        reasons why 
   They just tell you 
   Your own 
Em                                 A 
   Fill your head up full of lies 
(A B) 
     The people who have 
     crippled you 
You wanna see 
      A       B   D B 
     them burn 
(A B) 
      The gates of life have 
      closed on you 
And there´s just 
    G   A  B    D B 
    no retur 
(A B) 
     You´re reaching at 
     the hands of doom 
                    G     A B    D B 
To take your mind away 
(A B) 
      And you don´t care 
      if you don´t see 
                 G     A B    D B 
Again the light of day 
Repete Refrão 
(B D) 
       Where can you run to 
what more can you do 
no more tomorrow 
Life is killing you 
Dreams turn to 
Heaven turns to hell 
Mental confusion 
Nothing more to 
         (B A B B A G) F# 
(B D) 
       Everything around you 
what´s it comin´to 
God knows as 
    the devil knows 
God blast all of you 
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath 
Nothing more to do 
Living just for dying 
Dying just for you 
SOLO: (B A B B A G) F# 

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