The Secret Of Christmas

Bing Crosby

Tom: F
verse 1 

F       C/E 
It's not the glow you feel 
        Dm     Bbm6/Db 
When snow appears 
F/C                   Dm6/B 
It's not the Christmas card 
        Gm/Bb    A7 
You've sent for years 
        Dm      F 
Not the joyful sound 
        F7sus  F7       Bb  Bdim7 
When sleigh bells ring 
        F/C         Ab7 
Or the merry songs 
        Gm7  C7 
Children sing 
verse 2 
    F                   C/E 
The little gift you send 
          Dm     Bbm6/Db 
On Christmas Day 
F/C                      Dm6/B 
Will not bring back the friend 
               Gm/Bb    A7 
You’ve turned away 

       Dm        F7 
So may I suggest 
                 Bb    Bbmaj7 Bdim7 
The secret of Christmas 
   F                    Am7 
Is not the things you do 
   D7sus     D7 
At Christmas time, but the 
Christmas things you do 
G7    Gb7    F 

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