Too Bad

Ben E. King

Tom: D
Intro: D 

Too bad for me, too bad..I'll be your fool again.. 
                    G      A 
because I love you, yes, I do. 
Dm     D                     G 
You're now with someone new, while I wait in vain  
                  A        G                  D   A 
for's too bad, too bad, my heart must pay. 

You know I've thought of you, holding him tenderly.. 
                               A  C A 
telling him things you told to me. 
  D                                  G 
I know it was all wrong, my sweet, I wonder what's  

come over you? 
         D        G               D   C 
It's too bad, too bad, but I must pay. 

G                   Gbm 
You didn't mind not seeing me, every, every, every  
         G       A                D     Gbm 
day..oh, waiting weeks by the telephone. 
G                     Gbm              Bm          E 
I'm sorry for the way I mistreated were all  
 A    D A 

D    G       D          A    D   G          D 
It's sad, my dear, it's sad..I'm sure we're both to  
A     D 
D                              A     D 
Some day again our hearts will meet..until that day  
      G                                    A 
comes I'll leave you in his arms, and I'll say, too  
G               D 
bad, but I must pay..(mmmmm.) 

         A                       D 
And I'll say too bad, but I must, baby, baby!! 
     A               D 
It's bad..but I must pay. 
And I know, I know that it's terrible, terrible, darling.. 
                D                   A 
but I've got to, and it's bad, bad..(Fade.)  

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