Tom: D
Capotraste na 5ª casa
Obs.: A música é tocada com um violão de 12 cordas e um de 6 cordas 
      (fora todos os outros instrumentos). O violão de 12 usa um 
       e toca todas as notas 2 tons e meio 
      abaixo da cifra. 
      Um abraço a todos e qualquer dúvida, [email protected] 
        D                 A                        G 
I will confess to you, because you made me think about the times 
                      D                      Bm 
You turn the picture on to me and I'll turn over 
      E         A                G                         D 
The picture was a masterpiece of comic timing but you wouldn't laugh at all 
    G     G/F#     G/E      D          Bm 
And I wonder what the boy was thinking 
      E          A                G                        D 
The picture was an old collage of something classical, the model with the tragic hair 
  G       G/F#	  G/E     D      G        A          D 
Because without a doubt he'd given up the fight, the ghost of somebody at his side 
I will confess to you because I didn't think about the message 
As I walked down the alleyway it was a Sunday 
And all my friends deserted me because you painted me as the fraud I really was 
And if you think you see with just your eyes you're mad 
'Cause Lisa learned a lot from putting on a blindfold when she knew she had been bad 
She met another blind kid at a fancy dress, it was the best sex she ever had 
I'll send a dress to you because it's needing badly taken in 
But I was so embarressed that I missed your party, it was me that paid for it eventually 
Because you know how much I wanted to meet your friend the star of stage and local press 
The dream of all the bowlie kids that hang around here and I'm no different from the rest 
I'm not too proud to say that I'm okay with,  
The girl next door who's famous for showing her chest 
You're not impressed by me but it's a funny way for you to tell me, a whisper in a choir stall 
The man was talking about you simultaneously. Frankly, I let my heavy eyelids flutter 
Because I have been sleeping badly lately, 
I know you were historical from all the books I've read but I thought you could be bluffing 
And with this chance I've missed I feel remiss, it's days and months before I see you again 
Contribuição: Jonathas([email protected]) 

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