Simple Things

Belle and Sebastian

Tom: Em
E |------------------------------| 
B |----0-----2-----3-----2-3-2---| 
G |------0-----0-----0---------2-| 
D |--------2-----2-----2---------| 
A |------------------------------| 
E |------------------------------|
Em If you want me I'll be there G D A boy to deal with all your problems C G But part of the deal C G Is for you to feel something Em If you want me look me up G D I don't exist in usual places C G D Subtle as the wind is grey Intro Em G If you want me you know where I am D C I saw your arms in a dream G C And there were blue veins blue G Blue veins Em G If you want me all you have to do D Is ask a thousand questions C G Triplicate and file under B C G 'Simple things you ask to make a young boy sigh' C Em Young boy sigh

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