Calling On Fire


Tom: D
verse 1: 

D              G         A          D 
I'm born with a restless heart in the darkness 
D              G        A       D 
I'm born with a desperate need for you 

D                G        A               D 
I've failed you a thousand times, still you're faithful 
D          G     A       D 
Teach me to fix my eyes on you 

Bm     G        D 
Burn away my rebellions  
My ever-wandering heart 
Bm      G            D 
Lift me out from the ashes 
A                 G 
Keep me where you are 

D We're calling on fire G We're calling on fire Bm We're calling on fire A God, come set our hearts ablaze
verse 3: D G A D Your glory is ever-bright, overwhelming D G A D Consuming the darkest night in me PreChorus Chorus Bridge: A Em Father, King of the heavens G Show us your face A Em We delight in your glory G (Build on G back into Chorus) Show us! End with Chorus

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