Bebo Norman

Tom: D
Intro: D     G 
D                                            G 
On a day like this want to crawl beneath a rock 
G   ----- /F# -- Em                        D/F# 
A million miles from the world, the noise, the commotion 
Bm                     G 
That never seems to stop 
D                                                  G 
And on a day like this I want to run from the routine 
G    ------ /F#--- Em                   D/F# 
Run away from the daily grind that can suck the life 
Bm            G/B 
Right out of me 
G                        A 
I only know of one place I can run to.... 
D A2 F#m I want to hide in You. The way, the light, the truth G A So I can disappear D A2 F#m And love is all there is to see, coming out of me Em D/F# A (G 1st time only 2nd to-bridge) And You become clear.... as I disappear
D G I don't want to care about earthly things G ----- /F#---- Em D/F# Be caught up in all the lies that trick my eyes Bm G A They say it's all about me. I'm so tired of it being about me (TO Chorus) BRIDGE Bm G A Bm G A I would rather be cast away, Seperated from the human race D A G A If I don't bring You glory D A G A If I don't bring You glory D A G A If I don't bring You glory (TO Chorus)

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