Come And Worship

Bebo Norman

Tom: A
Intro: A  E  D  A 

Verse 1:
A               E 
Angels from the realms of glory 
D                         A 
Wing your flight o'er the Earth 
A              E 
Ye who sang creation's story 
D                      A 
Now proclaim Messiah's birth 

F#m D Come and Worship A E Come and Worship A D Come and Worship Bm7 E A Worship Christ the Newborn King
Verse 2: A E Shepherds in the fields abiding D A Watching o'er the flocks by night A E God with man is now residing D A Yonder shines the infant light Verse 3: A E Saints before the altar bending D A Watching long in hope and fear A E Suddenly the Lord descending D A In His temple shall appear

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