A Page is Turned

Bebo Norman

Tom: A
Intro:  A    C#m   F#m   E  
Verse 1  
A                                  F#m                               D  
A page is turned by the wind to a boy in curly grin  
                             E4                            A  
With a world to conquer at the age of ten  
                          F#m                                     D  
But as history unfolds and the storybook is told  
                   E4                                             D  
He finds salvation but not at the hands of man  
1 (D) E And the God of second chance A Picked him up and He let him dance C#m F#m Through a world that is not kind D E And all this time, preparing him, the one A To hold him up when he comes undone C#m F#m Beneath the storm, beneath the sun D E And now a man, here you stand A Your day has come
Verse 2 A page is turned in this world To reveal a little girl With a heart that's bigger, As it is unfurled By the language in her soul, That's teaching her to grow With a careful cover Of love that will not fail Bridge F#m E F#m Beneath the air of autumn, she took him by his hand E F#m And warm within the ardor, she took his heart instead E D And high upon the mountain, he asked her for her hand E Just for her hand Verse 3 A F#m D A page is turned in this life; he's making her his wife E4 A And there is no secret to the source of this much life F#m D When the grace that falls like rain is washing them again E4 D Just a chance to somehow rise above this land

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