Back where it all begins

Allman Brothers Band

Tom: A
A       D            E        D 
Say you want to be a rolling stone 
A        D               E      D 
Get your sail out in the wind 
A              D           E         D 
Get out on the highway and it'll roll on 
A       D       E          D 
Roll on back to someplace you ain't never been 
When I was younger I was hard to hold 
Seemed like I was always goin which ever way the wind blows 
Now that timeless feelin calls me again  
Callin me back to where it all begins 
Moon rising sun go down 
Turn my whole world around  
See a star up in the sky 
Tell my sweet baby please don't cry 
repeat chorus 
Travel out across the burning sand 
Cross the ocean to some distant land 
Where we'll all be singin and we'll all be friends 
Carryin us back to where it all begins 
Repete chorus. 
Contribuição: Gustavo Henrique Gomes de Oliveira([email protected]) 

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