Take me to the river

Al Green

Tom: E
E7                                                     D    A  
       I dont know why I love you like I do    
E7                                                                 D    A  
       After all these changes that you put me through  
E7                                                        D    A  
      You stole my money and my cigarettes  
E7                                                              D    A  
      And I haven't seen hide nor hair of you yet    
C G I wanna know won't you tell me, D A7 am I in love to stay? D A E7 (Take me, take me) Take me to the river E7 and wash me down D A E7 D A E7 Won't you cleanse my soul get my feet on the ground
E7 D A I dont know why you treated me so bad E7 D A Look at all these things that we could have had E7 D A Love is a notion that I wont forget E7 D A my sweet sixteen now I never regret Chorus Bridge C#m A7 C#m A7 G B7 Hold me love me squeeze me tease me till I die till I die {c:Repeat verse one, then Chorus, then} D A E7 D A E7 Yeah, yeah yeah yeah yeah D E7 D A E7 Dip me in the water dip me in the water baby

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