Impossible Germany (acoustic)


Tom: C

Intro: Am   Cmaj7  (4x) 

Asus4       Am 
Impossible Germany 
Cmaj7       B7 
Unlikely Japan 
G             Em 
Wherever you go 
              Am   Asus2 
Wherever you land 
Asus4               Am 
I'll say what this means to me 
Cmaj7           B7 
I'll do what I can 
G           Em 
Impossible Germany  
          Am   Asus2 
Unlikely Japan 

Cmaj7             Am 
The fundamental problem 
Cmaj7           Am 
We all need to face 
G          Em 
This is important 
        Am              Cmaj7 
But I know you're not listening 
       Am             Cmaj7 
Oh I know you're not listening 

B|----8-10-10-10-8---8-10/12-12-12-8---8-|  x2 
Asus4 Am If this was still new to me Cmaj7 B7 I wouldn't understand G Em Impossible Germany Am Asus2 Unlikely Japan Asus4 Am But this is what love is for Cmaj7 B7 To be out of place G Em Gorgeous and alone Am Asus2 Face to face Cmaj7 Am With no larger problems Cmaj7 Am That need to be erased G Em Nothing more important Am Cmaj7 Than to know someone's listening Am Cmaj7 Now I know you'll be listening G Em9 EmII Am (4x)

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