Summer In Kentucky

Wheeler Walker Jr.

Tom: D
Intro: D G Bm A 

verse 1 
  D                             Bm               
Sneakin’ out of my house I was just sixteen 
  A                       G               
Met you in the dark down by the creek 
      D                    Bm                   
We’d mess around until we got cold feet 
 A                              G                 
Summers in Kentucky they were hard to beat 

verse 2 
  D                           Bm                     
Twenty five years later our lives have changed 
 A                                 G               
Meeting girls on the road who are half my age 
  D                                     Bm                 
Sometimes I think about the creek when I’m on stage 
  A                        G                     
Summers in Kentucky, man I miss that place 

G D Used to press your pussy up against my mouth A Bm Now you’ve had a couple kids and it’s all stretched out G D But I’m starting to think we could figure it out A D G Summers in Kentucky, wanna be back now
verse 3 D Bm If you ever feel like ditchin’ your man A G Grab your kids hit the road with a country band D Bm There’s room for all y’all inside of my van A G We could start our lives all over again
G D Heard you gained a few got saggy tits A Bm But who am I to say cuz I’ve aged liked shit? G D That’s why I think we’d be the perfect fit A D G Summers in Kentucky man I sure miss it
Outro G D I’d give up all the pussy and the young shaved muff A Bm Bring your flabby ass back that would be enough G D You and I both lookin’ pretty rough A D G Since those summers in Kentucky man I miss that stuff

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