Captivate Us


Tom: G#
Capotraste na 1ª casa

                                   -let ring                                - ring  
(Verse 1) G D/F# Em Em7 Your face is beautiful and Your eyes are like the stars C9 G/B C9 Dadd4 C9 Your gentle hands have healing there inside the scars G D/F# Em Em7 Your loving arms they draw me near and Your smile it brings me peace C9 G/B C9 Dadd4 Gsus* Draw me closer oh my Lord, draw me closer Lord to Thee (Chorus) C9 D Em Em7 Captivate us, Lord Jesus, set our eyes on You C9 D Gsus* Devastate us with Your presence, falling down C9 D Em Em7 And rushing river, draw us nearer, Holy fountain consume us with You C9 D G D/F# Em7 (hold) Dsus C2 G Captivate us Lord Jesus, with You (Verse 2) G D/F# Em Em7 Your voice is powerful and Your words are radiant bright C9 G/B C9 Dadd4 C9 In Your breath and shadow I will come close and abide G D/F# Em Em7 You whisper love and life divine and Your fellowship is free C9 G/B C9 Dadd4 Gsus* Draw me closer O my Lord, draw me closer Lord to Thee (Chorus) (bridge) C9 D Dsus/Bb Dsus/A G Let everything be lost in the shadows of the light of Your face C9 D Dsus/Bb Dsus/A G Let every chain be broken from me as I'm bound in Your grace C9 D For Your yoke is easy, Your burden is light G D/F# Em You're full of wisdom, power and might Am Gsus* And every eye will see You (Chorus) repeat last verse (just the words)3x repeat last series of chords 2x and fade out The G* indicates a hammer-on on the b string, 1st fret 'C' note

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