Tom: C
Capotraste na 3ª casa
Most of this song is based around the chord of C. If there are no chords above the words then the chords are just:  
| C    | C   Ab  | lots of times. 
If you are trying to recreate the guitar parts then capo at the 3rd fret and play: 
| A    | A   F  |. 
On the A chords, keep moving between A and A2 by lifting off the finger that is on the B-string on the 2nd fret: 
      A       A2 
I owe it all                                  
the love that broke my fall         
it's deeper down 
these feet know solid ground 
Eb (C)       C (A)                (Bracketed chords are for )      
Keep shaping me 
  Ab (F)            Am (F#m) 
Into the light I'll be 
Bb (G)     G (E) 
So constantly 
       Am (F#m)        Ab (F) 
You've been so good to me 
I hold the gold 
inside me it won't get old 
my heart is whole 
the day you woke my soul 
Eb (C)       C (A) 
Keep helping me  
    Ab (F)           Am (F#m) 
the sound is hard to see 
Bb (G)     G (E) 
so faithfully 
    Am (F#m)       Ab (F) 
You are so good to me 
Eb (C)  C (A) 
   Ab (F)              Am (F#m) 
it won't stop grabbing me  
            Ab (F) 
haven't you heard 
       G (E) 
Jesus' words 
        Am (F#m)         Ab (F) 
they've been so good for me 
The rest of the song just grooves around C (or A if you're using a capo). 

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