The Blue Train

Linda Ronstadt

Tom: G
G            Am       C 
Watching the long faces 
D                        G 
Riding this run down the track 
        Am       C 
And the lost places 
       D                            Em 
From a dream that never brings them back 
        D         C 
And the sad truth is 
D                        C 
Nothing but a cold hard fact 
G I'm riding the blue train Am C D Over the miles yet to cover G Am C A ghost in a hurry to fade D G Am I'm taking it one way to nowhere C D Afraid you might be there Em D C To find me inside this blue train
G Am C Counting the burned bridges D G Trailing this rusted wreck Am C As our back pages D Em Scatter in the dust we left D C Like a pearl necklace D C Falling from around my neck Repeat Chorus Am C G Away down the low road C A ticket to an empty road C A rendezvous unknown SOLO Repeat Chorus twice

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