You don't see me

Josie and the Pussycats

Tom: G
G			         C9 
This is the place where I sit,  
Am			     Dsus             D 
This is the part where I love you too much 
G                              C9 
This is as hard as it gets 
Am                                     Dsus                D 
?Cause I?m getting tired of pretending I?m tough 
Em                                  A 
I?m here if you want me, I?m yours you can hold me 
C                                     D 
I?m empty but taken, yet tumblin' and breakin? 
G                         C           Am                          D 
?Cause you don?t see me; And you don?t need me 
Bm                        Em   C                             D 
And you don?t love me; The way I wish you would 
Am                            D 
The way I know you could 
G                              C9 
I dream a world where you understand 
Am                              Dsus                 D 
And I dream a million sleepless nights 
G                                         C9 
I dream of fire when you?re touching my hand 
Am                                            Dsus          D 
But it twists into smoke when I turn on the lights 
Em                                     A 
I?m speechless and faded; it?s too complicated 
C                                        D 
Is this how the book ends, nothing but good friends?. 
Chorus:STRUM this one (which is if you like it better which i do) 
Bridge: Em  A  C  _?_  Em  A  C  D (way i wish you would) 
G                                   C9     Am                                     Dsus        D 
This is the place in my heart; this is the place where I?m falling apart 
G                                   Em     Am                                     Dsus       D 
Isn?t this just where we met?  Is this the last chance that I?ll ever get 
Em                         A  
I wish I was lonely, instead of just only 
C                                            D 
Crystal and see through and not enough to you?.   Chorus x2 
..Pra vc minha formiga; 
by Rêh. 

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