I Wish You Well

Josie and the Pussycats

Tom: D
Intro: D, F#, F, D, F#, F, D, F#, F, D 
I wish you well 
G              Em                     A 
 Couldn't you tell after all these years? 
              D    G 
I wish you love 
               Em                    A 
A life in a world that your dreaming of 
                    G  A 
Refrão:I wish you we..ll 
                   D    Bm 
       I wish you lo...ve 
                 G    A 
       I wish myse...lf 
       All of the above (D F#, F, D) 
What made me think 
G         Em                            A 
That I could survive all the wear and tear 
D               G 
It's not my thing 
                   Em                    A 
To stand here and pose for some William Tell 
G               A 
If there was a better time 
    D        Bm 
I could not find it 
G                         A     
What's mine not yours and yours not mine 
        D            Bm 
and we couldn't hide it 
G                     A  
Don't take me on the ride with you 
        D        Bm      G 
It's a ro...llercoaster 
The only time I'd look at you is on a 
 D                Bm 
Rock 'n' roll poster, I wish you well 
Solo: G, A, D, Bm, G, A (D F#, F, D) 
                D   G 
Where are you now? 
              Em                          A      
Couldn't you see throught the sweat and tears 
           D   G 
I took my bo...w 
             Em                      A 
While you confirmed all my saddest fears 
Repete Intro 
By Érica R. 

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