Everything Unsaid

Joshua Hyslop

Tom: G
Intro: G G Em D C G 

verse 1 
 Em              D               C                 G 
For everything unsaid there is a flourish of my pride  
      C                       G 
It is deep and dark and wide  
         C                        D 
I can't tell the weeds from vines  
    Em            D                    C                    G 
But if I had the strength I'd move the mountains in my mind 
         C                  G 
But it's taking all my time 
        C                 D 
Just to start to realize 
         C                          G 
That I'm not the man I hoped to be 
And though I'm not alone 
    G                D 
I still feel so lone-ly 

verse 2 
     Em              D                C                G 
Come Monday I've for-gotten all those promises you said 
         C                 G 
All your holy words in red 
            C                      D 
Wreathed in guilt and golden thread 
    Em           D                  C              G 
And if I had the strength to be who others say I am 
           C                G 
I wouldn't look into my eyes 
        C              D 
See the shadow of a man 
         C                           G 
Well I'm not who they say I've become 
For I know the things I've said 
      G                           D 
Won't compare with what I've done 
C     G  C    G  D          C   D 
No, no, oh, no-o,        oo-oh 
Em D C G 
C G D           x2   (second time through hold the D chord) 

verse 3 
    Em               D           C                  G 
Now all of these mon-strosities, choices I have made  
C                G 
Will not go away 
             C                   D 
I've made my bed and here I lay 
    Em                 D              C                       G 
But is there still for-giveness if we know what we have done? 
       C                G 
Woe to every single one 
               C                     D 
Who spared the rod and blamed the son 
          C                                      G 
Well it's not just the day that needs the night 
         C                              G                    D 
Seems to me it's in the darkness we can finally see the light 
C     G  C    G  D          C   D 
Oh, oh, oh, oh-o,        oo-oh 

G G Em D C G 

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