I still believe

Jeremy Camp

Tom: D
    D9                  G 
    scattered words and empty thoughts 
    D9                   G 
    seem to pour from my heart 
    D9                G 
    ive never felt so torn before 
    D9                            G 
    it seems i dont know where to start 
    verse 2: 
    G       Bm         A2         
    and its now that i feel 
    your grace fall like rain 
    from every fingertip  
    A2              G 
    washing away my pain 
D9 Bm G i still believe in your faithfulness D9 Bm G i still believe in your truth D9 Bm G i still believe in your holy word D9 G D9 G even when i dont see, i still believe
verse 3: D9 G all the questions that fog up my mind D9 G with promises i still seem to bear D9 G even when answers slowly unwind D9 G its my heart i see you prepare repeat Chorus: G Bm well the only place i can go G is into your arms Bm G where i throw to you my feeble plans Bm G and in brokeness i can see that this was your will for me Bm G to help me to know that you are near yea repeat Chorus: outro: D9 G D9

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