Falling In Reverse


Tom: F
verse 1 
          F             Dm/A          Bb 
So listen here, I’m the voice in your head 
          Gm                 Dm            Bb 
And I can say the words that make you feel scared 
             F        Dm/A                   Bb 
So here's to you, and all the problems that we've made 
                Gm              Am 
And I know it’s so hard to stay afloat 
              Dm              Bb 
When you make monsters out of thoughts 
            C      Bb 
And you’re dragged under 
    Dm          Am                Bb             Am 
And everyone in around you is too far away to notice 
     C     F        Bb                  Dm     F 
Your chest start to crash, oh, but it's alright 
              Bb     F 
Oh, you'll be alright 
        F                    Bb 
So just breathe, It's almost over 
                  Dm                 Bb 
And don’t let the monster in your head 
C           Bb 
Become your fears 
               Dm                    C 
'Cause you can save yourself, you know 
You know 


verse 2 
So listen here, I know it’s hard 
Maybe I can’t be what you want 
             C                                      B 
But I’m just who I am, and I’m trying to see what you could need 
               F                           Dm 
And I am still here, that voice in your head 
            Dm                  F           Bb 
And I'll be there for you, when no one else cares 
            Am                                 Bb 
And this is it, as far as where we’ve got since then 
So know a good thing when you got it 
               C                      F 
And I hope you know you don't go alone 

Come on, what’s the big deal? Nobody’s that heartless! 
You know it’s time 
It’s time to decay 

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