Bubba Hyde

Diamond Rio

Tom: C
Intro:  C7	G	D7	Bb Am7 G 

Verse1: C7                                               G 
        Barney works down at the A&P, drives a baby blue AMC 
                                      D7                          G 
        ain't missed a day of work in 13 years, he's a fire dept. volunteer 
        he's got a yard that's always just been mowed 
        collected stamps since he was 10 years old 
        you never seen a more regular guy,  
        but when the sun goes down on Friday night 
G7 C7 slaps on his Hai Karate aftershave G puts on his Elvis jacket custom made G7 D7 gets in his patent leather zebra boots G fires up his Super Sport Malibu G7 C7 he burns that rubber 'cross the county line G a honky tonkin' fool 'til closing time G7 D7 you oughta see him metamorphosize G from Barney Jekyll into Bubba Hyde
(4 bars intro) Verse2: Monday morning it's a suit and tie, attention shoppers there's a two for one buy Tuesday afternoon he mans the wheel, makes his rounds in the Bookmobile he's got a Wednesday night canasta game Thursday's a tourney at the bowling lanes his friends would freak out if they only knew the party animal he turns into {Chorus} you oughta see him metamorphosize from Barney Jekyll into Bubba Hyde

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