The sinner in me

Depeche Mode

Tom: Am
Am, Bbm, Am, Bbm (4X) 
AmIf I could just hide  
AmThe sinner inside  
AmAnd keep him denied  
AmHow sweet life would be  
AmIf I could be free  
AmFrom the sinner in me  
Comment: (Try to find Bass for Am, I play D, B, Gm listen to the song?)  
EmI'll never be a saint  
Cmaj7That's not a picture that your Em memory paints  
EmNot renowned for my patience  
EmI'm not renowned for my restraint  
Fmaj7But you're always Cmaj7 around  
EbYou can always F be found  
FmTo pick me Cm up when I'm on the C/G ground  
Am, Bbm, Am, Bbm (4X) 

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