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Tom: G
Capotraste na 3ª casa
G  Am  C  G  G  Am  C  Cadd9 C Csus C  
G  Am  C  G  G  Am  C  Cadd9 C Csus C  
    G               Am                 C                  G 
The rain was coming down one day and I thought I'd take a drive 
G                      Am               C    Cadd9  C  Csus  C 
Out to the place round where we used to live 
         G                  Am            C                     G 
But that town packed up ten years ago and moved to where things weren't so slow 
    G                     Am          C    Cadd9  C  Csus  C 
And tried to learn not to speak derogative 
          G                             Am                C             G  
I went to school where they asked where I was from as the handed me two quarts of rum 
         G                   Am         C      Cadd9  C  Csus  C   
And they said that there's a party over there 
                    G                      Am                C                               G 
They said you gotta show your face so they know you came and maybe if you?re lucky they'll remember your name 
      G                  Am             C     Cadd9  C  Csus  C 
And I thought to myself, I don't really care 
D G Esmerelda, hold me tight D C This lonely bed just ain't quite right D G D C Let me tell you that I love you just for your information D G Esmerelda, give your love to me D C You are the keyhole and I'm the key D G D C Let's pack our bags and go to the filling station F C G C G C We can take a ride to forever or at least today
I was working on the spinning wheel tryin? to make myself a name But I was never really good at being told what to do Six days weeks and twenty hour days will drive a man insane And the sad thing is that I did it all for you And even though our love was strong, we both knew there was something wrong When I caught you in bed with my bestest friend Yeah, I was mad and I wanted to shout, but I got smart and I walked right out When you asked me if I wanted to join in Chorus Mandolin solo You tried to kill me yesterday, but the hitman moved to Tampa Bay Guess it's hard to keep a job when you're selling sin Come on baby, put down the knife, cause I'd kinda like to live my life Not wondering when you're gonna strike again Chorus

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