Family Reunion

Buddy Houghtaling

Tom: A
Capotraste na 1ª casa

verse 1 

 A                A/G#           D 
There will come a day when we see Jesus, 
     E                           E7   A       D E 
And know the troubles of this world are through, 
     A             A/G#           D 
When in the east we see our Savior coming, 
                          E         A 
As He promised ... making all things new. 
 A                  A/G#            D 
First we'll hear the angel's trumpet blowing, 
     E                    E7       A          D E 
Clearer, brighter as the cloud draws near. 
     A                   A/G#          D 
And then we'll hear sweet Jesus say, 'I love you ... 
                     E             A 
And I'm so glad that all of you are here.' 

D/E E A/C# D At God's family reunion, E E7 A A/G# Jesus Christ our Brother's at the throne. F#m F#m/E D A D E A Family reunion ... God has come to take His children home.
verse 2 A A/G# D All of us on Earth know separation, E E7 A D E When someone who you love so much is gone, A A/G# D Leaving you with teary eyes and memories, E A Longing for that promised golden dawn. A/G# D When God will finally raise His sleeping children, E E7 A D E And they will meet their loved ones in the air, A A/G# D And tears of joy will flood the streets of Heaven, E A Brother, I can't wait to see you there. Repeat Chorus Refrain Bm D E A No more sorrow, no more pain. Bm D E A A/G# Ever with the Savior to remain. F#m F#m/E D No more heartache, no more grief, E Only joy beyond belief. Repeat Chorus

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