Ain't Wastin' Time No More

Allman Brothers Band

Tom: B
B             A/B (etc.) 
Last Sunday morning the sunshine 
Felt like rain 
The week before they all 
Seemed the same 
With the help of God and two friends 
I've come to realize 
I still have two strong legs 
And eagles wings to fly 
         E         B/D#                        C# 
No, I ain't wastin' time no more 
Time goes by like 
(back to B A/B vamp) 
Hurricanes and faster things 
Lord, lord, Miss Sally 
Why all your crying 
Been around here three long days 
Looking like you're dying 
Just step yourself outside and Look up at the stars above 
Go on downtown baby 
Find somebody to love 
Meanwhile I ain't wastin' time 
                                               no more 
?Cause time goes by like 
Pouring rain 
And much faster things 
And you don't need              B 
             no gypsy to tell you why 
You can't let one precious B 
                                   day slip by 
But look inside yourself if you 
Don't see what you want 
Maybe sometimes then you don't 
Leave your mind alone 
Contribuição: Gustavo Henrique Gomes de Oliveira([email protected]) 

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