Fill Me Now

Sam Evans

Tom: C
C  Am  F  C  Am  F 
Verse 1: 
   C                       Am  F 
I think about You every day 
  C                            Am    F 
Thankful that You washed my sins away 
Knowing that it's 
                 Am    F         G 
Love that brought me to Your side 
   C                          Am  F 
I feel Your Spirit in my heart 
 C                      Am     F 
Drawing me so ever close to You 
 C                          Am   F       G 
Longing for the touch of You upon my life 
C7                 F7           Am      F7 
All I know it's not by might or by my power 
C7                 F7             G 
But it's by the Spirit of the Lord 
C Bb Fill me now Holy One F Fill me to overflowing C Bb Touch me now Worthy One F Your power keeps me going C Bb Breathe on me Breath of life F I need You to fill me over G C Am F C Am F
Come and breathe on me ©2000 Planet Shakers Ministries Int. Inc. (Admin. by Word Music Group, Inc.) All rights reserved. International copyright secured. ********* You found it at E-Chords 2u4ubyu Ontario Canada

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