What A Bitch You Are

Rebel Son

Tom: G
This is my First attempt at this, so forgive me if it's off a bit.  Open to suggestions  
as well, I'll try to 
tab the intro as well, but it basically revolves around the notes in the G chord 

What a Bitch You Are - Rebel Son 

G                                      C                          D 
I used to love the way you loved me.  I loved the way you used to be. 
G                                      C                                  D 
Before you put anything else above me. Before you got to fuckin around on me 
You went from sugar to shit right before my very eyes. 
C                                        D 
Your kiss turned to piss and I hope you choke on all your lies. 
G                                      C 
You played me for a fool and then you tore my heart apart 
    G                  D               G 
I can't believe just what a bitch you are 

I used to love the way you loved me.  I sure did love the way you were 
Once upon a time a good woman of mine loved me.  Once upon a time you were her 
Then you lied and you denied all the things you've done or where you've been 
I hope I'm never graced with seein' your fuckin' face again. 
I sure am glad you're gone for good and I count my lucky stars 
Cuz I recall just what a bitch you are. 

I used to love the way you loved me.  Back such a long time ago 
Before you put bein a whore above me.  How was I so blind as not to know 
But lesson learned the hard way is a lesson learned well. 
I sure learned mine and I sure hope you go to hell. 
So here's wishing you a life of shit weather it be near or far. 
You sure deserve it for what a Bitch you are. 

Now I'll never forget how counterfeit and full of shit you are 
I'll never forget just what a bitch you are. 
Good bye you bitch, what a bitch you are! 

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