Nancy boy


Tom: F
Alcoholic kind of mood, lose my clothes lose my lube  
Cruising for a piece of fun, looking out for number one  
Different partner every night, so narcotic out of sight  
What a gas, what a beautiful ass  
Kind of buzz that lasts for days had some help from insect ways  
Comes across all shy and coy, just another nancy boy  
Woman man or modern monkey, just another happy junkie  
Fifty pounds, press my button going down  
Does his makeup in his room, douse himself with cheap perfume  
Eyeholes in a paper bag, greatest fuck I ever had  
Kind of guy who mates for life, got to help him find a wife  
We're a couple when our bodies double  
F Cm  
And it all breaks down at the role reversal, got the muse in my head she's universal  
B Bb 
Spinning me round, she's coming over me 

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