The Jacket Song

Palma Violets

Tom: F

C        G             C        G       Dm        G 
Im sorry ma'am for the way I've treated your love 
C                 G         C           G    
You're as soft as quilts and lined with guilt 
    Dm        G 
but thats just how you were 
   Dm          G 
all crumpled, all crooked 

second hand and made in japan, thats my love 
given to me by jim macgee 
but thats just how it was 
you were damp, you were lost 

F G Bb and did you ever feel the same? F G Bb or was it all a labeled gaaame? F G Bb Dm and there she comes with her perfect sea mile dress F G Bb Dm you know the one thats quilted across the breast G i love that dress
VERSE AGAIN: I'm sorry for the way that I've treated your love we had a pact but i was fucked thats just how it goes you were lonesome, you were stowed Chorus AGAIN: did you ever dream of me? before you were taken by the machine? there she comes with her perfect sea mile dress you know the one thats a cut above the rest? oh man i love that dress Back to BARRE C7 F G Dm G F oh and in time in time you'll meet another miller in your life G Dm G full a final, a crimson F G door to door Bb Dm a second hand love PLEASE RATE

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