Home When Shadows I All

Nat King Cole

Tom: C
C                       B  
When shadows fall, and  
Dm                            G6  
Trees whisper day is ending  
Dm                              G6     G5+  C       Dm G   
My thoughts are even when they   home 
C                       B  
When crickets call, my  
Dm                    G6  
Heart is forever yearning  
Dm                    G6                C  F7 C C7   
Someday to be returning home  
Fm                                                    C 
When the hills conceal the setting sun 
Fm                                          G   
Stars begin a-peepin, one by one  
C                       B  
Night covers all and no fortune may for sake me  
Dm                            G6          C     
My dreams will ever take me home 

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