Counting Song For Bitter Children

Mountain Goats

Tom: F
      F    Csus4   Bbsus4 
e: ---8------8------6------| 
B: --10------8------6------| 
G: --10-----10------8------| 
D: --10-----10------8------| 
A: ---8-----10------8------| 
E: ---X------8------6------| 
vieurd: “The general chord progression is F-Csus4-Bbsus4-F-Csus4 John seems strum the sixth string on the F chord and the fifth and sixth strings on the Csus4 and Bbsus4 somewhat lightly in order to place emphasis on the guitar melody.” | F | Csus4 | Bbsus4 | F Csus4 | F one, two Csus4 I don't love you. Bbsus4 three, four F Csus4 Anymore one, three Stay away from me five, seven Good children get nothing F Na-na-na Na-na-na Na-na Csus4 Na-na-na Na-na-na Na-na Bbsus4 Na-na-na Na-na-na Na-na F Csus4 Na Na-na Na-na Na one, two, two and a half Stick around here? Don’t make me laugh two-and-a-half, three, four-point-five The new day's dawning and my hour's arrived one, two I got things to do one, three* I got people to see, I got people that wanna see me Na na na… Na na na… *This is what he sings in the recording. According to John, “The final line actually goes three fours lined up in a row I got people to see, I got people that wanna see me so that the last verse has a 'one two three four' except that the third one is 'three fours,' O young John tryna be all clever”

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